Sponsor Management

What is the purpose of Sponsor Management?

Sponsors are very critical to any event. Communicating with them and providing them information in a timely manner is crucial to your long term relationship with them. This section of the Speaker Engage enables you to organize every aspect of sponsor management and communication. In this section you can create an inventory of sponsor packages available, the overall budget, the status of each sponsor, and all the communication that was sent to them. You can also create standard and customized communication specific to sponsors.

How can I add new sponsors to my list?

To add a new sponsor to your list, follow these three steps:

Step 1: Click on 'Create New' from the 'Manage Sponsors' section.

Step 2: Click on 'Create New' from the pop-up screen.

Step 3: Fill in the mandatory details and any additional information you may have. Click on 'Save'.

You do not need all the information to fill at this time, only the mandatory fields. You can request for additional information with the 'Request' feature.

Can I create custom categories to classify sponsors?

Yes, you can. There are default categories such as 'Sponsors Secured', 'Sponsors Not Ready', and 'Sponsors In-pipeline'.

Step 1: To create a new category, click on 'Create New Status'.

Step 2:Fill in the information and save. Now you can associate a sponsor with this newly created category.

Can I create types of sponsorships that I offer for my event?

Yes, you can. Step1: Within the Sponsor tab on the left, there is a section titled 'Type Settings'.

Step 2: Here you can choose to create a specific sponsorship package in addition to the default options. When you create a new sponsorship type, you can also add the number of sponsorships available under this category and the sponsorship amount. This will create the total opportunities in the dashboard.

Can I create customized categories and sponsorship types for each event?

Yes, you can. For each event, you can create customized classifications/categories for each sponsor. You can also create customized sponsorship packages available for each event. This allows you to learn from each event and build on sponsor and sponsorship strategies.

Is there a dashboard to get a quick update on the status regarding sponsorships?

The Sponsor Dashboard gives you at-a-glance information pertaining to sponsor management. The top portion of the dashborad is a quick summary of all information. You can also review sponsor status based on their role. There is also a list of recent scheduled and sent emails. The bottom part of the dashboard is a summary of profile gaps of the sponsors associated to this event:

  • 1. Sponsor status (secured, not ready, and in pipeline)
  • 2. Emails sent/opened
  • 3. Potential funding
  • 4. Committed funding
  • 5. Sponsor opportunity classification
  • 6. Recent and scheduled communications
  • 7. Missing profile information

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